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Losing Weight and Finding Myself

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Flashback Friday, Birthday Edition.

At my work they put your name on the sign by the door announcing it’s your birthday. Every year I take my picture with the sign.

The first picture was from my birthday in 2004 or 2005. I was at or near my heaviest weight here. I would have been about 22 or 23 years old.

On the right is today’s picture. I’m turning the big 3-1 tomorrow. I’m pretty happy where things are. And I love my hot pink pants!! :)

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  1. tumblingoffthecouch said: WOW! I have to say this every time…
  2. straightarrowlife said: Still just so unbelievable. Dedication, perseverance, inner strength. You’re amazing!
  3. trivialbob said: Happy Birthday! You look terrific in that current picture!
  4. two-o-nine said: I love LOVE your pants!!!
  5. xfitlibrarian said: Wow, lady! :)
  6. abitofsilliness said: PHENOMENAL! (I love your hot pink pants too, girl!)
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